A question came up on Independent Work about nifty tools people use. (Independent work is a small community for freelancers built by Dave Smyth I’ve been a part of for a while.) I wrote about this topic a while back and was going to link to it, but it’s very much out of date. I could go update that one, but I think it’s kinda neat to see what I use throughout the years so here is the list for 2024…

The Basics

Apps, Tools, and Services

  • Dropbox for file sharing, backup, and works with my file structure.
  • Dropbox Paper for any sort of notes/doc sharing, project management, and my project hub.
  • Sketch for design work despite everyone swapping to Figma.
  • Harvest for invoices and expenses.
  • VS Code for a while now, as Coda (now Nova) just took forever to release.
  • Transmit because I still FTP like it’s 2000.
  • Asana I use for some reminders but also with a retainer client.
  • Pocket for read for later articles that keep piling up.
  • Local for WordPress dev. Works great with my Flywheel hosting (referral link).

Little Apps

I enjoy small apps that do one thing really well.